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Chronology of the School
The dates given are not all concerned with the school's development: some refer to major landmarks in British History.

  • The 1700's
  • 1727 Accession of George II
  • 1728 The Walsham school foundation comes into existence in Woodston
  • 1729 Death of the Rector of Woodston, Rev Frances Whitstone
  • 1745 The "1745 Rising" in Scotland under "Bonnie Prince Charlie"
  • 1752 Death of Mary Walsham
  • 1752 The Rev Robert Smyth reports on the Walsham's school to the Bishop of Lincoln.
  • 1760 Accession of George III
  • 1776 Declaration of Independence by "The Thirteen Colonies" (the start of the American War of Independence)1780 The Rev John Bringhust becomes Rector of Woodston
  • 1783 Woodston Parish decides to apply to the Court of Chancery regarding the Walsham Foundation
  • 1785 The Court of Chancery re-established the foundation
  • 1793 Start of Long Wars (Revolutionary and Napoleonic)
  • 1797 Norman Cross Depot receives its first French prisoners of war
  • 1805 Battle of Trafalgar
  • 1815 Battle of Waterloo (end of Long wars)
  • 1815c Appointment of new schoolmistress in Walshams' school
  • 1820 Accession of George IV
  • 1829 Death of Rev John Bringhurst, Rector of Woodston
  • 1830 Accession of William IV
  • 1831 Government report on the Walsham's foundation and school,
    favourable comment is made on these
  • 1832 Great Reform Act - which greatly improves arrangements for
    electing members of Parliament
  • 1837 Accession of Queen Victoria
  • 1837 Woodston becomes part of the Diocese of Ely
  • 1839 The school is reported as having 27 pupils, introduction of fee-payment and expanded curriculum
  • 1845 Peterborough's first (limited) railway connection comes into existence
  • 1866 Major development of Peterborough's railway facilities
  • 1868 Schools Inquiry Commission reports on the school, adding comment on the changing nature of Woodston and the community's waning dependence on agriculture
  • 1870c The "Forster" Act. This did not fully legislate compulsory education but it went a long way towards establishing the principle
  • 1871c The Rev Reginald Thompson, Rector of Woodston, begins negotiations to wind up the old school and apply the Walsham endowment to a Public Elementary School to be established in Woodston under the terms of the new legislation
  • 1872 The Walsham trustees submit proposals, etc., to Endowment School Commission, regarding such change
  • 1873 Master in charge: Mr John T Martin
  • 1873 January: "Woodston Parochial School" opens as a Public Elementary School. May: Endowed Schools Commission tardily produces the definitive "Scheme" for the application of the Walsham funds to the new school. July: The "Scheme" is ratified by an Order in Council made by Queen Victoria
  • 1894c Re-organisation of Infants Class into new, adjoining premises under the title; "Woodstone C of E Infants School"
  • 1900 Main school renamed: "Woodston C of E Mixed School"
  • 1901 Accession of Edward VII
  • 1918 World War I
  • 1918c Assistant teacher in-charge: Miss Lily Dixon
  • 1926 Appointment of Mr George E Hankins as headmaster
  • 1931 Amalgamation of the main school and infant's school, under the headmastership of Mr George E Hankins with the title; Woodstone C of E School
  • 1936 January: Accession of Edwards VIII
  • 1936 February: Accession of George VI
  • 1944 The Education Act. This lead to changes in many aspects of schooling, especially in post-primary arrangements
  • 1945 End of World War II
  • 1950's A process of reallocating the infants to Brewster Avenue County Infants School and secondary age-ranges to separate establishments, leaving the school with simply the junior age-range. The school title thus becomes: "Woodstone C of E Junior Mixed School"
  • 1952 Accession of Elizabeth II
  • 1954 Appointment of Mr Kenneth E Hankins as Headmaster
  • 1957 Extensive building alteration to the school premises. the school is renamed; St Augustine's CE (Aided) Junior School"
  • 1967 Appointment of Mr John K Bewick as Headmaster
  • 1973 The school moves from its former site in Wharf Road to new premises in Palmerston Road, Woodston
  • 1974 Official opening of the new premises
  • 1978 The school celebrates the 250th anniversary of its earliest origins
  • 1984 Appointment of Mrs Gillian Slidel as Headteacher
  • 1988 Education Reform Act
  • 1996 Appointment of Mr Stephen Cutts as Headteacher
  • 2003 School celebrated it's 275th Anniversary with an exhibition and musical show, official opening of the extension. School gained ECO International Flag status
  • 2004 National Arts Mark and Activemark award.
  • We are indebted to former member of staff Mr H J Jenkins for the original compilation of this section. His booklet "A school in Woodston" gives a fascinating insight into the life of Woodston and this school from it's earliest days. (Information is correct at the time of publishing)






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